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Benevida Health and Wellness Center, prior to launching their new operation in Kyle, Texas, required a brand identity that could communicate the relatively new concept of wellness to their community without sacrificing their internal ethos. "… optimum well being, renewed vitality, restored energy, and new enthusiasm for life." These are the emotions the new logo needed to convey.

We chose to use familiar elements in a new, fresh way, to modernize the typical motif. The expansive movement within the primary mark conveys the growth of knowledge of your own health. There were physical requirements such as signage and apparel that needed a flexible design that allows full color to 1-color production. The visual metaphor of expansion works regardless of color usage. It also has the strength to work on it's own, without the text, as a stand-alone icon. Modern without being slick, vitality of color without being manic. The final design looks great in print and online usage and will serve the clients needs well into the future.

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